#amwriting #poetry #ASMSG To The Night #

#amwriting #poetry #ASMSG To The Night #

#amwriting #poetry #ASMSG To The Night #50 of #365 #APromptADayForBee http://ow.ly/znDwl

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belated SoCS on the side

belated SoCS on the side

When  I saw this weeks prompt for Linda’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” I directly had the words “side dish” in my mind. Maybe I was hungry or certainly I just love food.

No junk food or take-aways. No, good old-fashioned home made food. The best husband in the world is a great cook so I am a very lucky girl to not having to cook very often. It is not that I do not like it. It’s just so nice…

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Banningham Church and great Sky

Banningham Church and great Sky

Banningham Church

I love this picture which I took some time last winter. It is the church tower of Banningham Church in Norfolk, UK.  But what amazes me most is the sky. As the area in North Norfolk is really flat in parts you can see and take pictures of lots of sky.

It sometimes looks really grandiose. On that day it did. Humbles one and puts things into perspective.

May you have a wonderful weekend!

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Insomnia http://wp.me/s4zQRw-insomnia


“I can’t get no sleep” was a song in the 90′s which I never really liked. But I always think about the title when insomnia hits me.

Had trouble to fall asleep last night because I had a late shift. This morning I have an early shift and the best husband in the world had an even earlier shift. He left at 3am and I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Better to get up and do something. It’s…

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